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Are you the one who has not watched original Robocop? Hey, for those who don’t know … it’s a remake of 1987 action classic.

Word of caution before you read the entire review: Firstly, I am not comparing with its original version. Secondly, it’s an awesome movie.

This movie is everywhere same as original version; however, the director has done a brilliant job in giving more importance to story, emotions rather than forcefully fitted sci-fi or action sequences. The story just doesn’t rush into awaited fight scenes instead it takes its own sweet time to explain you why RoboCop is made in the first place, and what all tweaks CEO of OmniCorp has to go through to make it more sellable to unconvinced Americans. Well, if you are a kind of person who straight away wants to jump into action cutting all that emotional drama crap… this is not the movie for you.

Having said that, this movie will absolutely delight sci-fi fans; as it’s probably one of the best made lately. The movie largely revolves around 3 facets:

1. Corporate influence on politics, or rather bribing their way to make loads of money at the cost of civilian life.

2. Continuous dilemma of lead scientist and  people around him on what’s right vs. what’s to be done by so called ‘pressure from the top’ followed by a revolt.

3. Robocop, half-man / half-robot’s, overriding what is programmed as his wife keeps on encountering on confronting her husband.. making him realize that he is not a robot but a human being.

The movie definitely misses out that ‘grandness angle’… especially when the director tries to communicate that RoboCop has almost removed or drastically reduced crime from the entire Detroit city. Personally, we believe that RoboCop should have been taken to a height wherein he is thoroughly loved and appreciated by civilians before reaching to its climax.

All in all, it’s a great movie but misses out at certain aspects. 3.5 shors from us.

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