Rooftop Cafe + North Indian Food+ Open till 2 AM

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We all have someone in the group jene adhi rate j bhookh lagti hoi che. And there are fair chances that you might be that “ always hungry person” in your group!


But what if, hunger strikes at midnight? Here’s a restaurant that serves good North Indian cuisine and it stays OPEN TILL 2AM! Sizzante Spices (@sizzantespices )

This place, quite known for its sizzlers, has an amazing taste when it comes to Punjabi food. And relishing on these north indian dishes while sitting at a rooftop restaurant would be a great experience, don’t you agree?!

You can check out the ambience of this restaurant in the images above, and let's dig into what you should be trying here

If you love non-veg food, then here are the two dishes you should try

Chicken Haryali Tikka:
A lip-smacking appetizer covered with a blend of mint leaves and coriander leaves, curd along with a melange of flavorsome spices. What makes this dish mouth-watering is that the chicken is marinated for a good time to let the flavor develop.

Paneer Malai Tikka:
This dish consists of fresh paneer having a mild and creamy taste that is roasted on a barbeque and served along with green chutney. Relishing this appetizer can be the best way to start your dinner here.

Veg Kadhai
Made in a kadai, this dish has a medley of onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and various assorted veggies together with spices and cream that gives this dish a rich flavor. Definitely worth a try!

Here are the details:
SHILP AARON, B/301, Sindhu Bhavan Marg, Bodakdev
Time: 11 AM to 3 PM | 7 to 2 AM

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