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Julia Child, one of the world’s best cooks and food-writers, once said “People who love to eat are always the best people”. And let me tell you- Rusty Spoon is most definitely for the ‘best people’. Good food at a good price- you’ll be binging like no tomorrow. This restaurant is embedded into one of Ahmedabad’s most popular malls, which means it’s just a few steps away from your post-shopping hunger. So get ready for to crash down at this hub to rest your feet, wallets, and stomachs.

It’s a cute little shoebox of a restaurant, with its lobby flicker-lit by the occasional passing of cars next to its polka-dot window. The further you walk into the restaurant, the warmer and cozier it seems to get, though. It gives you the choice to sit on comfy wooden chairs or nestle into the cushioned booths while not having to sacrifice the splay of food you’re about to delve into. Its rustic appeal takes you back to an ancient cavern enamored with subtle yellowing lights and a mossy-wood-like theme.

But you’re tired and you- Just. Want. To. Eat!! Have no fear, their menu is here! You don’t need to scan the pages of it thoroughly and be puzzled over what to grab for a munch. It’s simple, straightforward, and descriptive, and will delight you like a charm. But we tried a few things that we’d like to suggest, too!

Start on an explosive note, with their Jalapeno poppers. This crunchy, creamy bite will melt in your mouth a leave a feisty flavour doing a fandango on your tongue. Dip into the cool ranch dip they offer, to get a mix of hot and cool textures that are sure to get your taste buds firing for the rest of your meal. Then try out their sweet and salty baby corn starter. What’s unique about this is that it has a rather soft texture than crunchy, so you are in for a surprise.

For the soup, we recommend you go for whatever soothes your cravings, but had the opportunity to try their Tom-Yom soup, which will leave a tingling sensation in your mouth and a warming one down your throat. This drink is extremely flavorful with its hints of ginger. It’s laced with fresh greens that elaborate the overall taste, as well.

Now for the entrées, we tried out two fancy dishes. The first was a classic Amdavadi style Enchilada. It is stuffed with flavours and textures ranging from sweet, sour, creamy, to crunchy. There’s a new one in every bite! This cheesy, saucy tortilla is definitely for sweet-refried-beans lover. But if you’re into something a little more suave yet subtle, order up their butter-garlic pasta. This dish is a standard, but they mix up two pastas and a bunch of your favourite spices. It’s a bucket of buttery goodness.

So if you’re hungry or tired or bored or… human- head on over to Rusty Spoon sometime soon. You’re in for a satisfactory food experience. So let us know about how you closed the loop at Rusty Spoon after your shopping adventures. It’s brilliant, it’s bliss, it’s something you just can’t miss. 


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