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Before I start the review, here’s a small personal note. All throughout my life, like most other Ahmedabadis, I have loved watching, criticizing, cheering millions of movies. The uninvited reviews through SMS, Facebook posts, telling friends, etc have always been an integral part of my life. And today, here I am doing a movie review for Ahmedabad. It’s such an awesome feeling – can’t stop smiling For those who don’t know, along with ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster’ there’s one more movie which is released – ‘Saare Jahaan se Mehnga’ – from the makers of award winning film ‘Phase Gaye Re Obama’. For those who loves to watch short and odd films like ‘Do Dooni Chaar’, ‘Phase gaye…’, ‘Ek Chaalis ki last local’ would surely get attracted to this movie especially when the makers have given a super awesome movie before. But beware… Oh, it is nothing close to Phase Gaye Re Obama – though the story line and star cast is strong (star cast is strong – don’t get confused with famous) but it is badly directed. Saare Jahaan se Mehnga is an attempt to make satirical comedy on politician’s most favorite issue i.e. Mehngai (inflation). A middle class North Indian family under the burden of Mehngai tries to deal the issue through an ingenious idea of purchasing and preserving all possible food supplies of three years by taking an interest free government loan – not realizing the problems they would face as a result of this idea. Anshul Sharma, director, does manage to bring few instances of smile on your face; rest, it’s pretty slow and boring at quite a few places. Fans would love watching Sanjay Mishra’s acting and dialogue delivery again – looks like he has performed the entire movie in one single shot – such an effortless actor he is. I loved watching Puttan’s (Sanjay Mishra’s) father especially in a scene when he is fighting with an electricity inspector. All in all, it is a ‘Don’t watch’ category movie. And by the way, CityShor was the only one in the entire screen to watch this movie.

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