Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns movie review

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Bow down guys – Aditya Pratap Singh (the king, the saheb) is back with his sharp tongue, style-to-die-for, ‘shatir dimag’ and a great great screen presence. While the prequel ends with end of Saheb (Jimmy), the truth unveils in the sequel that he lives and continues to plot, kill, rule & scare while his bibi (Mahie) continues to live a unruly life wasted in alcohol. Saheb falls for a young princess (Soha) and decides to marry her (remember, kings can afford to have extra wife). Princess, who is in love with Gangster (here comes Irfan!) agrees to the proposal of marriage as a part of a plot created by Irfan. And the story of treachery, loyalty, ‘need’, revenge begins … and undergoes the amazing directed turmoil of twists. The movie ends with a totally unexpected twist. There are clichés at places and at places you wonder whether this was required. But overall the movie keeps you hooked-on. The dialogues are exceptionally great and are delivered in a way to ensure they don’t go overboard, in its meaning or its requirement. The story sounds a bit stretched & a bit cut-short at times but overall, makes sense. Tigmanshu Dhulia, Director, is a man to watch out for, specially after ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ and ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. Background music plays a very important role in such movies, though as audience we don’t realize unless it is absent! Well, there is nothing new in background score but still lives upto the theme of movie. There is hardly any song that you can remember. Acting? Well, well, haven’t we seen Jimmy Shergill in the prequel of this movie, or Haasil (remember?) or Wednesday? He pulls off the role with such an ease that it becomes difficult to believe the same guy was “sweet boy” in Mohabattein. He makes his presence felt on screen, rules it and you have no other option but to simply bow! His dialogues, the way he looks, his crookedness, wittiness … almost perfect! Irfan, though good but not better than Jimmy. No second thought! Mahie Gill (bibi, seductress), yet another actor to look for – you would hate her simply because she has perfected her role of a disloyal wife who craves for power & sex at the cost of her self-respect. There is not much to talk about other actors – Soha & Raj Babbar & others! Though the movie is not meant for masses, it would still appeal to many of you. We suggest you go for it!

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