SAHIB'S: Serving delightful delicacies like no other

Cuisines: Mughlai, Biryani

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Once in a blue moon, we come across restaurants which tickle our taste buds and force all our five senses to get involved with the plate of food we are about to lick clean. It's rare because, in a race to provide quality food, they tend to miss out on the same aspect but, not SAHIB'S!
The restaurant placed at 109 - Safal Pegasus, above Dunkin' Donuts, Prahladnagar; ensures consistency quality, thus ensuring our consistent presence.

The chefs over here strive hard to deliver a quintessential experience by sticking to the basic essentials; in an ambiance that is subtle yet elegant, allowing the chef's hardwork to reflect on a plate.

To help you about, let us tell you that their TANGADI KEBABS make for a delicious appetizer to start your course with. Rightly boasting of chicken leg pieces stuffed with Cheese, Chicken Kheema & Egg Kheema, marinated and cooked to perfection in a tandoor.
More from the tandoor, is their take on a TANDOORI POMFRET, generously coated with a barbeque marination.

SAHIB'S also serves up a masaledaar leg of a goat, making for a NAWABI RANN, which once had, will involuntarily roll your eyes and slightly wet your pants!
Just a heads up, you will have to place your order for the whole mutton leg piece two days in advance for, it is marinated over two days in a rich dry fruits and traditional marination of spices, slow cooked for a delicious burst of taste.

SAHIB'S also brings to you a glorious portion of a MALABARI BIRYANI, cooked with world-class Basmati Grains, hand pounded South Indian spices and the freshest & purest of ingredients, along-with the teasing flavors of a coconut.

Ending an 'experience' is always saddening but, passing up on their lovely dessert of ICED JALEBI is worth a try. The restaurant's hatke take, offers Mini Jalebis atop small scoops of ice cream and dry fruits; making for spoonful delights.

There are a lot of things working towards making SAHIB'S a success.
Firstly, their decor. What makes this eatery extremely interesting is that there is no unnecessary 'huss-fuss-glitter' to it, with their sole focus being simply food! Secondly, and more importantly, their high standards of service along with good food with strict quality controls, use of fresh produce and presentation skills; that rightly suit everyone's palette. Cheers.

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