Sanitise your homes | Call Alfa pest control services

We are passing through an extreme phase in our lives. And, extreme phase calls for some additional measures to keep the routine lives going. Here is one such measure-

SANITISE YOUR HOMES, PREMISES SOCIETY! Call the experts in the field- Alfa pest control services! All that you need to do is, CALL- 7567904771

One of the leading & pioneer sanitisation contractors in India, Alfa pest control services have an experience of over 25 years in this field of hospitality.

They operate by a sanitizing system that has been meticulously designed to disinfect, eliminate algaes, micro-organisms, fungi, bacteria, viruses, remove foul odour etc.

It does not have any residual effect  and nor does it affect your facilities. It is a unique continuous spray system which uses active chlorine in Hypochlorite  Iron to sanitize all the hard surfaces.

Moreover, they have a technically trained workforce to handle and carry this out for you.

“But is it trustworthy?” you’d ask. The system is tested to European Standards: EN1276,EN1650 and EN1656

During such times, we all know and now understand the importance of keeping our surroundings not only clean, but also sanitised!

To avail their Internationally Acclaimed, Tested and Patented sanitisation System & virus elimination services, Call: 7567904771

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