Sarkhej Roza: The Acropolis of Ahmedabad

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Under the blazing sun and scorching heat, the religious pathway was so glittery: Sarkhej Roza, is place which holds part of magnificent history.

Sarkhej Roza is located in the Markarba area which is just a 5 minute ride from the bustling corporate road in Prahaladnagar. It is a mosque and tomb complex which is also known as "Acropolis of Ahmedabad", as the architect Le Corbusier compared its design with the Acropolis of Athens.

This place is so live, as it always has random visitors and travellers who come to observe and adore the architecture and embrace the serenity. Few kids were so amazed to see me with a camera, that they hurrily headed to the mosque. Seeing an old man, probably a traveller, sleeping, before his long journey, at the entrance I entered the place. I felt so contented inside as this place is a worship site for many, and the positive vibes just transform you!

Inside this heritage place, there is a marvellously carved structure which holds the tomb, where the devotees come and seek blessings. The whole structure is a perfectly square shaped building which showcases the excellent craftsmanship of that era. 
The Sarkhej Roza complex has been interpreted as being composed of both 'jism'(body) and 'ruh'(spirit), giving it the qualities of a human being.

Walking ahead, there is a huge praying platform which stands on pillars with ringed domes over it. Next to it flows the lake. At the bank of the lake there are huge remainings of ancient bulidings and pillars, and at the south-west corner are Mahmud Begada's palace and harem.
Sarkhej Roza is a paradise for shutterbugs as every stone there has a story to tell.

It has been well preserved and inherited monument as it still standing firmly after its completion in 1451 A.D. It has witnessed very different cultures and leaders who are succeeded and failed in the course of time. Sarkhej Roza can be explored alone or with your loved ones. And yes, if you are one who loves clicking then keep your camera loaded because Sarkhej Roza is truly photogenic.

Author Credit: Abhilash John

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