Satisfy your Cravings with Chocolate Sin

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Apart from the seven sins, there is a sin as tasty and delicious as it can get. Ashmi Desai brings you, CHOCOLATE SIN.

With all kinds of delectable chocolates including truffles, hand crafted and customized specially suiting your choice and budget, this makes a great gift for your corporate or personal ties. The time-honoured tradition of gift giving during Diwali has been practiced in all walks of life. Since the beginning of time, the giving of gift baskets has been a thoughtful means of expressing oneself thus, strengthening personal ties while informally enhancing the corporate ones, formulating a Win-Win situation for everyone.

Having worked with the likes of Volvo for it's special customized gift packages, we assure you that quantity and quality is not a problem for Ashmi. She offers a wide array of chocolates prepared with special ingredients and flavoured with many tastes along-with handmade boxes with special looks crafted for special clients.

No matter when your whims and fancies arise, Chocolate Sin will cater to them all year round. Want to make your package look the best? You can choose from their various boxes and baskets or make your own unique package. To add onto it all, you can also choose some of the wonderful candles too.

Well, If you are offering a gift to your corporate client or your dear ones; Why not just make a gift of chocolates from Chocolate Sin? After all, Chocolates are not just to surfeiting someone's stomach but to surfeiting someone's heart as well. Cheers.

Contact: Ashmi Desai +91-9727155326
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