Ahmedabad foodies don’t let this weekend go by in vain for, the 13th Edition of the SATTVIK FOOD FESTIVAL kickstarted TODAY (Saturday), at the IIM Ahmedabad Ground, opp Blind People's Association.
The festival will be up till 11th January, between 11 am to 10 pm, offerings you the local taste of the Indian kitchen that you would love to indulge in!

The flavors of traditional Indian kitchen have always been mystical as the Indian culture itself.  Different spices perfectly blended to create a symphony of taste and magic. The first morsel of this traditionally cooked delicacies, takes you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane where, food was cooked with pride and served with love.

Sattvik 2016 is all about those moments of happiness served to you on a platter. Here’s a highlight of this year’s food fest. We tried to capture the most of it, but at the end we thought that its best that you discover it for yourself. So here’s bringing you a sneak peek of the experience, called India on a Platter.

The festival hosts unique and interesting recipes such as the Israeli Ghughra and Yam Tikki (Jewish recipes); Manipuri black rice Kheer, Singju (salad) and Umorok (king chilli pickle); Uttarakhand's ramdana kheer, and ghughani; Paan milkshake from West Bengal; Barra Gulla, Ragi Tea and Arissa from Odisha; Pongal from Tamil Nadu; Kaang Sheera from Himachal Pradesh; Gundali Kheer from Jharkhand; Saati ki kadhi and paratha from Haryana; Along-with Sindhi Kadhi.

This is also the first time that Sattvik will be a event with zero waste for, they have set up a 10 cubic meter flexible bio-gas plant at Sattvik, as plastic will not be allowed at the venue. All the waste collected during the festival will be transformed to bio-gas and will be put to good use as an alternative of being dumped at garbage disposal sites.

More so, they are also hosting other events like Crafts, Pottery, Folk Dance and Music, (Khedut Haat) Farmers’ fair of organic and eco-friendly agro-products, Exhibition of grassroots innovations and Competitions highlighting children’s creativity and biodiversity knowledge.

With the wonder of an annual fest up for only 3 days, make sure you don't miss out on partaking it some of the best local delicacies. Cheers.

Dates: 9-10-11 January

Timings: 11 am to 10 pm

Venue: IIM Ahmedabad Ground, opp Blind People's Association, Ahmedabad.


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