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RGV is one such director who’s very much unpredictable when it comes to his films! He is the mastermind behind many cult as well as the worst films ever made. But it’s for sure that everytime he makes a movie, he has something ‘different’ to serve to his audience.

Satya 2 is a film with a vision which should be appreciated. I salute the whole bunch of makers for presenting this ‘futuristic underworld’ story. Satya (Puneet singh Ratn) comes to Mumbai from some south Indian village. He has left his girlfriend Chitra (Anaika Soti) back in village and also has some unexplained tragedy. Satya starts to work for a real estate businessman who starts using him to do the killings and other illegal activities. The businessman gets impressed with Satya’s brilliant mind and he starts working for other rich people and kills people for them. Out of his great vision, a ‘Company’ is formed (new underworld).

What this company is all about and what is Satya’s vision? All these questions are answered on screen as the story unfolds. The script by Radhika Anand is not great, but definitely ambitious and interesting in parts. Cinematography wise, it’s quite average. Background score seems like lifted from his earlier films and songs are bad as well as unnecessary.

All actors do a good job, best of the lot being Raj Premi as RK. The lead actor shows confidence but he should have some variation in his body movements. After  few minutes into the film, his body movements look very repetitive and restrained. I won’t say RGV has done a bad job, in fact a few scenes in the film are brilliant and the futuristic concept itself is very interesting. Only the implementation could have been a lot better.

I go with 2 shors out of five for this film. It won’t disappoint if you are gangster film lover. Ramu, we expect you to return to your best ASAP!

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