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Mr. Popcorn is handing out 500 mls of FREE COLD DRINK on a purchase of Rs. 200 or above for CITYSHOR SUBSCRIBERS till the Cricket World Cup is on. 

You might have come across flavoured popcorn but, for the First Time in Gujarat you can now savour popcorn in flavours that you might have Never heard of at MR. POPCORN.

In Ahmedabad, we have been kind of stuck with the same movie popcorn options of Butter, Cheese or Caramel and then there are pre-packaged flavors. But fresh, flavored popcorn? Pretty much nada but, not anymore!

Coming across a make-shift-popcorn-hub by the name MR. POPCORN, which literally showcased the little snacks in beautiful shades pink, yellow, green & orange, I was thoroughly intrigued. Initiated by Dhaval Chavda, Ankit Baheti along-with a couple of partners 3 months back, Mr. Popcorn offers an array of flavours in Popcorn that extremely delectable to gorge into.

Their featured menu told us all - You can opt for the Gourmet flavours or their Masala flavours or can always stick with the classic Butter Popcorn. All the options are available in a Single, Double as well as a Family Container.

The Gourmet Flavours of SPEAR-MINT, ALPHONSO MANGO, ORANGE, KACHHA AAM, STRAWBERRY - were too good to pass so, of course we tried all of them. All of them were visually striking visually with a more than standard flavour profile apt to their name. Out of the Masala flavours, the CHILLY TOMATO was interesting. Tangy with a spicy undertone. Lipsmackingly delicious. The AHMEDABAD CHATPATTA was also quite incredible, a regular sell-out. Their CHEESE POPCORN was simply sublime and we can go to any extents to stick to this conclusion that it is better than any cheese popcorn that you might have munched on during a movie. 

Surprisingly, each flavour was better than the previous one and when we tried them yet again in a different order, we drew the same conclusion. The Popcorn was so thoroughly integrated with the flavour that none of them seemed out of place or forced. And the best way to satiate them is by mixing a couple of flavours here and there. If you go & try MR. POPCORN and you must; we need you to combine Spear-Mint with Orange, & then Schezwan Masala with Lime-Pepper, & then Cheese with Chilly Tomato and on and on and on!

Though I personally am not a great fan of popcorn, this was one such treat that I am fortunate to come across because you have to admit, the very thought of flavoured popcorn has always been sort of 'meh', but definitely not what MR. POPCORN offers and with the World Cup fever on, they have also started delivering within a 5 km radius of their Municipal Market outlet over an order of Rs 200. For the next fixture, make sure that you are all set with a tub full of some appealingly rad popcorn. Cheers.

-Municipal Market, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad
-Mobile Cart, Saurabh Garden, Municipal Odhyan,Opposite Aec Ground, near St. Xaviers School Loyola school, Ahmedabad (Moves about to different locations considering Days, Events and Occasions)
-Kids World, near Ankur Cross Roads, Naranpura, Ahmedabad (Saturday-Sunday)

Contact: Dhaval Chavda +91-9099585908

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