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Let us pause to consider the sandwich, that magnificent unit of consumption, a construction so minimal that its form may be expressed as: Bread. Not-bread. Bread again. A sandwich can be pretty basic but nailing a sandwich is not something every other person can achieve. Well, KEFI'S is one of the them.

This Cafeteria styled eatery as highlighted here: has been up and running since 2 weeks and has caught our eye with it's wide array of never-seen-or-tasted before stuffing. Where have you come across a KIDNEY BHUTTA SANDWICH? Huh? Huuuh? Let me tell you. Never. All their sandwiches are 3 layered and which aren't squashed together just for the sake of it, in fact are significantly visible, which is hard to get by. Apart from their sandwiches, they also serve Paninis which also have a number of stuffing variants from Chipotlan to Tandoori, between their super soft bread.

They do serve milkshakes as well to to wash your food down or gulp actually and CUPCAKES. Don't you just light up when you come across a spongy cake topped with some cream or the other? I sure do. Their classic CHOCOLATE and VANILLA cupcakes sure give the top confectionaries a run for their money.

That is just about it from our end, you do the rest. May it be just to slurp or munch a bite, head over to KEFI'S for the same. Cheers.

Address: KEFI'S, Ground Floor, Mukhi House, opposite Honest Restaurant, between Commerce Six Roads-Vijay Cross Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-9825848213

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