Say yes to innovative workouts @ Shreerang s Fitness Studio

Workout but not out of Compulsion!


Take a step towards meeting a fitter version of you, with innovative workouts at Shreerang Fitness Studio!


Ever heard of Piloxing or ABs on Beats Workout? NO? How could you have? There is no other gym in Ahmedabad that offers these and more such unique workout techniques!


No more of boring treadmill runs or heavy weight liftings!


Here are other interesting workout techniques to you ought to move on to:


- PILOXING MASTER WORKOUT: A fusion of Pilates + Boxing & dance moves, they are here with something like this, for the 1st time ever in Ahmedabad

- STEP UP: Dedicated workout sessions for lower body toning & cardio calories workout

- MI ( MEDIUM INTENSITY ): A combination of Cardio with strength training, this too something that has, never been seen before!

- CROSS FIT: Training to improve strength and functional body movements.

- POWER ABS: To focus on abdominal, waist and core. With New ABS ON BEATS WORKOUT

- DANCE FUSION: combination of jazz, salsa, free style, salsa, aerobics, bollywood style bhangra, bokwa and more!


Along with this, they also offer personal training and floor activities like cardo with hurdles training and more!


Join Shreerang’s Fitness Studio today, and start training with the masters!


6 AM to 10 PM

SHREERANG’S FITNESS STUDIO, 409, Spectrum commercial circle, Near Swami Vivekanand circle, Memnagar

99783 03103

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