Scent-sational fragrances up for grabs at EL'LURE

Aroma-therapy - The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses and the influence of fragrances has a well known effect on human behaviour and response. Scented candles create a pleasing psychological effect from the ambient aroma of the fragrance. This is referred to as aroma-therapy.

The aroma from a fragrant candle is released through the evaporation of the fragrance from the hot wax pool and from the solid candle itself.
Eg: Indian Jasmine and lemongrass are known to be one of the most uplifting of all essential oils. They are very relaxing and anti-depressing. They stimulate your alertness, build energy and help activate immune system. Which is why they're used in most spas.

EL'LURE - The Candle Shop understand needs, changing patterns, tastes, preferences and so brings to you a wide range of over 20 exotic fragrances in different shapes and designs, that are simply scent-sational
This season, let fragrant soy candles from EL'LURE help dim the lights and light up the atmosphere.

To get your hands on the same, call: 7600019655.

You can also follow them, to check our their top picks for the season:

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