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What comes to your mind when someone says ‘school life’ besides books, homework and the tiring curriculum? School life also comprises evening hangouts at MM or Shambhu’s, sharing secrets about your recent crush with your best friend, late night movies and giggly sleepovers. While there are people who argue that college life is better than school life, kids of 2013 find school just as fun as any other college going youngster would. With the rise in the number of schools in Ahmedabad and expanding opportunities these schools offer, life has not only become easier for students, it has become interesting too. International schools such as Mahatma Gandhi International School, JG International School, Tripada International School, have a broader and open-minded attitude towards dealing with the tots.

Following their pattern, the more ‘conservative’ schools are trying to adopt new-age techniques too. Schools in Ahmedabad are more than classes and exams now. They are trying to bring a lot more and enhance the curious brains with innovative activities. Children are opening up and embracing their inner selves.

Back in the days, summer holidays meant waving goodbyes to the school but now it is about going back and learning a little more than your math teacher taught you. Almost all academies host various activities and workshops to keep the children engaged in the world around them. Be it environment preservation or art of stitching or pottery, name it and the schools in aapnu Amdavad have it.

Don’t understand French? Well, ask your neighbor’s kid who took it as his secondary subject. Thought football is for boys? The girls’ football team in MGIS might surprise you. Gen X is a new breed of knowledgeable, alert, expressive, techno-savvy and socially active set of youthful minds. They are sharper, more inquisitive and eager to face new challenges. So while they hangout with friends and meet new people, they are learning and engaging in better animation.

All this development in our education system does pose issues for parents. With all these developments, the parents have their hands full. There is so much to chose from and so many ways to go, that parents are seen running from one school to another with their bags full of brochures and pamphlets. But as far as the students are concerned, they can’t wait for their schools to start as they discover a new thing every day, taking a new independent step each day. Happy Schooling!

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