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You bust your behind and get a house! First part done, onto the second and a much more important aspect of it; INTERIORS. Confused as to which concept and design should be adapted in the house? Which option will give you the utmost comfort in utilizing every nook and corner? There is no need to fret for, SCOPE UNLIMITED offers solutions like no other.
Under their expert guidance and a nominal charge of Rs 25000, they offer: 

•    2-3 furniture layouts of the entire house.
•    Cost estimation of final layout.
•    3D view of one area selected by client after the layout is finalized.

Many-a-times we have shown you their excellent designs but, this time out we get you to the very core and show you how the projects are taken;


Wherein they will provide you with a complete and detailed, multiple design options based on your taste, likes, requirements, location & the size of your home and budget. The details also include the materials, fabrics and finishes to be used for an extremely professional look. The entire scope of work right from designing, procuring, execution and handover is their responsibility with a thorough gurantee of not exceeding your budget and time, providing no major alteration in design as well.


In sync with their customer friendly approach, and clearing contracting guidelines and professional execution; more and more individuals as well as corporate clients have gotten inclined towards this hassle free proposition for their interior designing needs, resulting in executing projects spanning more than 5 lac sq ft of spaces.


Of their various services, they give a provision of undertaking a project on designing basis. For  the ones who would rather rely the physical aspect of it all by their home agencies, for them as well SCOPE UNLIMITED provides an apt solution by the undertaking the project only the designing basis.

 Under  this service , they will  give you a complete  detailed  drawing information of  the  given  space; covering, using and treating every area  with the guarantee that drawing details would create no ruckus on the site. Once the layout is finalized, one can go with any of the above option. Fees and proposal details are given well in advance before the project goes on floor. This process requires you or your agency to procure all the materials along-with carrying out the work,their existence is limited to provide design only. If asked, they do provide list of suppliers and agency, which might lead to over shooting the budget.

Despite this option, letting them take over everything, is bound to keep your budget as well as the execution in a timely manner, giving you your dream house the exact way you want it to be. Oh well, more than enough said, we guess. Cheers.
Address: Scope Unlimited, 915-Shiromani Complex, Opp. Oceanpark, Satellite, Ahmedabad
Contact: +91-079-26751844, +91-079-26761844, +91-9157348234

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