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Planning on completely decorating your new or refurbishing your old 1,2, 3 or even a 4BHK with an exclusive touch but, within a budget package? SCOPE UNLIMITED is your answer. Contact them on 9157348234 to get to know what is best for your abode!
What we like about the team at SCOPE UNLIMITED is their style, which changes from a client to client with their only constants are a refreshing perspective and a wholehearted openness to experimentation. Their projects are rich in visual details with an eye on your budget as well.
What sets them apart from the hoards out in the market is their funda of saving your valuable money, while being utterly satisfied with the work as well. When it comes to any dealers for that matter, they will make sure that the transactions go through with crystal clear transparency! SCOPE UNLIMITED undertakes turn-key projects, which are at a budget rate and covers every nook & corner of the space along-with a speciality for luxury Residential & niche Corporate Interiors as well.
To let you in on one of their many projects - They recently designed a a high end residential project spread over 2000 sq.ft. The 4BHK apartment is decked up in veneer as per the client's taste, leading to a very subtle look in all. Approximate time for the completion?
So, whether you are moving into a new apartment or redecorating your old one; Do opt for SCOPE UNLIMITED for their Unlimited Scopewhen it comes to making your home extravagant. If words don't seem to do the trick then do browse through the photos of one of their many projects. Cheers.
Address: Scope Unlimited, 915-Shiromani Complex, Opp. Oceanpark, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015
Contact: +91-079-26751844, +91-079-26761844, +91-9157348234
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