Scope Unlimited - A Home is created by them!

A house is made up of walls and beams but, a home is made of love and dreams. We have seen many interior designers & architects but they stand different. As soon as you enter the home created by them, it gives you that homely feel. It’s not easy to get homely feel when it is designed with perfection however SCOPE UNLIMITED tops in both the aspects. They give perfection with homely feeling. What we like about the team at SCOPE UNLIMITED is that their signature style. It is to not have one and come up with designs for your 'home'  that best reflect your personal aesthetics. If you are their client, you could expect the unexpected and the unusual. The only constants are a refreshing perspective and a wholehearted openness to experimentation. Their projects are rich in visual details with an eye on the customer's budget as well.

Not only residential but, at SCOPE UNLIMITED, they bring outstanding design in all areas of interior spaces. Their main service offerings include compelling and functional interior design solution for Residential Interior Spaces as well as Corporate Interior Spaces, wherein they translate the clients’ vision and ideas into successful projects, which works both practically and aesthetically.

SCOPE UNLIMITED has immense expertise when it comes to designing projects for your dream Home. Their skill at mixing colours, patterns and prints along-with ethnic accents and modern furniture is hard to get by and the best part; Scope Unlimited are reported to stick to the total costing given to us before commencement, enabling us to achieve excellent value for every rupee we invest and also stick to feasible deadlines of the time frame provided by you!

So, whether you are moving into a new apartment or redecorating your old one; Do opt for SCOPE UNLIMITED for their Unlimited Scope when it comes to making your home extravagant. If words don't seem to do the trick then do browse through the photos of one of their many projects. Cheers.

Address: 915, Shiromani Complex, Opp. Oceanpark, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015

Contact: +91-079-26751844, +91-079-26761844, +91-9157348234



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