Scrumptious Goodies by The Chocolate Studio

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An assorted box of home-made goodies by "THE CHOCOLATE STUDIO - Innovative Sweets" is our pick for today to that ‘little bit more’ special touch this festive season. Be it their Truffles, Cake, Coloured Mood Makers or even a classic box of Assorted Chocolates; These sweet surprises are custom-made to be relished and cherished, all at 1-Devangpark, near Polytechnic, Ambawadi.

The age old tradition of handing down sweets now seems boring and needs a fresh model; THE CHOCOLATE STUDIO'S assorted array, provides the “revamp” in just the precise amounts; and hey you’re not missing out on the sweetness factor either.
The confectionery has re-branded luxury chocolates by collaborating fresh condiments be it CHIKOO, ALMONDS, CASHEW, COCONUT as well as CHILLI and GINGER, with CHOCOLATE, leading to a sophisticated combination!

What makes them truly unique in nature is that they don't fall back on their standards; all ingredients are naturally sourced and extracted from fruits, and made into glorious pieces of heaven. The melt-in delights will make sure that you forget all kinds of worries, and will spray a sense of calm all over you.

Well, what's keeping you? With a calling so awesome, go and get/book your packages now because the demands are sure to beat the supplies once the word spreads! Cheers.

Address: THE CHOCOLATE STUDIO, 1-Devangpark, near Polytechnic, Dr. V. S. Road, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

Contact: +91-9924124033

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