See the parent-child bond cherish with these fun activities!

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While there are Zumba classes on for adults, ever heard of a place holding the same for kids? No right! It’s time we give our little ones a chance to indulge into this fun set of activities! Full On Kidding is here with a set of fun and yet unique fun options for your little ones this monsoon! 
With kids following a mundane routine of school and classes, it becomes very important to help them indulge into activities which involve fun and yet some physical activities! What better to let children enjoy these events with their parents accompanying them! 
The list of activities are:
Kids Zumba 
Super hero theme scavanger hunt with Parents 
Soldier story telling with props 
15 science acitvities
Art craft n create
With the monsoon weather being just perfect, every child sure loves to indulge into some outdoor fun and what better than having to spend a full day along with their parents!  
Also offering irresistible food options and also a free return gift worth 250rs for every participant this place sure is power packed with activities that your little ones would never stop to enjoy! 
Age: 4-15 Years
Free delivery of passes 
Contact Akruti desai 9712995665 or 9825063952
Date: 22nd or 23rd July, 2017
Time: 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Venue: Club O7 , Before Applewoods, Bopal-Shela.

Tags: See the parent-child bond cherish with these fun activities!

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