Set up your online store at just Rs.999/- PM! | ECOMNATION!

Transform your offline store into an ecommerce setup with a website at just Rs. 999/- PM and also get a mobile shopping app for your business FREE only for CityShor Subscribers. Mention CityShor and avail this glorious offer at ECOMNATION only till 31St January!

How many times have you tried setting up an online store and left halfway either because of the tedious nature of the job, softwares that couldn’t comprehend your personalised needs or developers who never stood true to their promises? If you can relate to this above statement, you’ll observe that it also mainly happens because of a lack of confidence, knowledge, right tools or an advisor.

 This is precisely why – your eleventh hour guiding angel is here with their novel ecommerce platform which helps aspirants build a full-fledged online website without any of the tech hassles and at a fraction of the cost and the time involved. Now with an unbelievable offer of running your ecommerce website only from Rs. 999/- PM and even getting a free mobile shopping app only till the 31st of January only if you mention CityShor; this inimitable concept is going to revolutionise the way websites work.

Ecomnation brings together a simple ecommerce platform which incorporates and fuses their years of in-depth knowledge and expertise in web strategy for large corporates and dealing with a varied clientele as well as the understanding of company/brand specific needs; which when merged with their comprehensive list of services promises to make for an experience and results like no other!

Trusted by leading brands such as 'Greenfibre', 'The Golden Time', 'Just Dogs', 'AB Jewels' and more; what sets ECOMNATION apart is their technology and user friendly approach towards simplifying the website building procedure and quite efficiently at that too! With clear fundamentals and the right advice;  they pay individual attention to each of their clients to ensure a smooth change.

The entire process is uber-easy. All you have to do is register, choose from their pre-built templates that are in line with the global standards, customise it per your own brand, set up the store and launch a 100% mobile responsive online website within five days for just Rs. 10,000! Yes, you heard it right! Gone are the days of spending hours with your developer trying to make him understand how you want your website to look like.

If you feel too lost trying to do this by yourself; you can even take their experts’ help right from content to photography and many more. Their platform is connected to all the necessary ecosystems such as payment gateways, logistic companies that will cater to your every beck and call and the fastest page loading time of under 6 seconds.

Their list doesn’t end here because they also provide email support, a single page SSL certified checkout, product catalogue and navigation menus that will guaranteed garner more traffic and google listing to assure that your business booms to the sky!

With such an all rounded software to manage your business, great focus on creating websites and app that amplify your shopping experience and literally every service that you might need right under one store; ECOMNATION is THE website for building all websites.

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