Sev-Bhaji at Shiv Bhaji-Pav Corner

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SEV-BHAJI, get the first of it's kind delicacy at SHIV BHAJI-PAV CORNER, Gheekanta.

Ahmedabad! Now there's a city that loves tucking in with a teeming population of 6 million people. At any point in time, loads of Amdavadis are out in the streets eating. Even late in the night, hordes of people crowd at little restaurants and roadside stalls to tuck into spicy chaats and crispy dosas and creamy fruit-flavoured kulfis.

Whenever I visit the old city, the main item on the agenda is : Eat SHIV'S SEV BHAJI. Shiv is a little laari cum 'restaurant' operating in Gheekanta since the past 8 years, and it serves simply the most awesome snacks, the likes of which evoke feelings usually reserved for religious epiphanies.

What, then, is Sev Bhaji? It may seem like your regular Pav Bhaji but, has a different texture to it altogether. It is a spicy vegetable stew that you sop up with pillowy bread. The chef (bhaiyya) stands at the mouth of the restaurant with a huge cast-iron pan in front of him. He is surrounded by bowls of chopped veggies and an alarming number of packets of Amul butter and Samrat Sev Bhujiya. The bhaiyya will start sautéing the veggies together with boiled potatoes, spices and enormous dollops of butter and mash the whole mixture into a sizzling vegetable dish and top them all with a whole packet of sev. He will then serve this bhaji with rolls of pav that have been likewise drowned in butter. The final touch: the dish is topped with even more butter. The whole mess is simply heaven on a plate. Or a heart attack on a plate, depending on your point of view.

Being famished we ordered one more speciality of theirs, LASANYA PAV. Essentially it is your regular masala pav but loaded with garlic. The garlic packs a solid punch into the first bite, which might tend to be a bit too much for some of you.

The next time you head down the narrow lanes of the old city, get your mouths to SEV BHAJI at SHIV BHAJI PAV CORNER for sure. Cheers.

Address: Shiv Bhaji Pav Corner, Gheekanta, Bhadra, Ahmedabad 380001
Contact: Bhavesh +91-9737273450

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