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If you loved Pyaar Ke Side Effects, if you love Farhan or are a big fan of Vidya… you will be surprised or rather shocked with the kind of sequel Saket (director of Pyar and Shaadi ke side effects) has made. So what’s your guess? Well, it’s an over-stretched, boring at many places and thoroughly disappointing movie.

The movie opens revealing the big secret of what’s the secret formula for a ‘happy married life’. You make a mistake, say sorry; she makes a mistake, says sorry twice J

The movie definitely has few scenes and lines which will make you look your beloved with that curious and funny smile. Basically communicating ‘it so happens in our life as well’… other than that, the movie is just not right!

Ideally such movies should have been beautifully directed, with clean and classy humor and a subtle message because there’s not much room of innovation here. Well, here Saket has completely directed other way round. Shaadi Ke Side Effects has less humor and the story is just not predictable. To build this unpredictability in the story line, the director has taken ‘side effects’ too over board. At one moment, you get a feeling that you are watching some shitty soap of Balaji.

How can you believe that someone makes his wife do pregnancy tests four times just because the guy is not prepared for fatherhood? How can a soccer-crazy father can forget his daughter on a horse while watching a soccer match at a street-side café… and he ultimately realizes this in the evening when he returns home without his daughter. The most unbelievable of all is… Vidya Balan lied to Farhan (her husband) that the reason for her second pregnancy is because of that next door gay looking guy to check out whether her husband is as forgiving as she is.

Hey, and before I forget to mention this, Shaadi ke Side Effects always looks like a mother and child story. I mean fatty Vidya just doesn’t fit into a newly wedded wife role especially when her husband (ex-Milkha Singh) who is so young and fit looking.

All-in-all, the movie is a big disappointment. 2 Shors from us.

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