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Shahid is a biographical film. Well, before we get down to shor (star) or reviews, let us first set the expectations right. You can’t watch such movies with wrong expectations… it will save you from early and wrong judgments.

What do you expect when you see a biographical film? Confused, what’s a biographical film? Biographical is a movie based on real-life or is very much near to real-life story. To give you more idea about such films, here are few examples: Jobs, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Gandhi, and obviously few more.

Such movies are made to tell a story of a real-life hero. A hero who has done something EXTRAordinary in their real life. While such stories are inspiring, and exciting as a movie subject but are more than difficult to make. Steve Jobs is known for his breakthrough designs and technology advances but then how can you showcase it in a movie… showing JUST Macintosh or iProducts won’t make it a great or realistic movie. As a result, directors try and show you how a ‘hero’ was made or how his real life story has been.

Such movies have relationships, stories, pieces which probably have no relation to the great thing that HERO is famous for. Example, do you remember refugee camp in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – can you make out its relationship with Milkha winning a race – well, not exactly. But that was Milkha’s story and it was a crucial part in his life – biographical movies have to have such instances. Resultantly, such movies tend to have lot of ‘boring’ scenes and footages from commercial cinemas perspective.

Wondering why such movies are gets hit – well, most of such movies go hit or you love watching it ONLY because you have respect for the real life HERO. However, if you try and dissect the story in isolation, you will not find it entertaining. In fact it’s boring!!! How great or heroic their achievements are, their real life is not full of heroic incidents.

Shahid is exactly a story like this. Its biographical film – hope by now you know what a biographical film is :)

First 70% of the movie, you would just not be able to realize where this movie is going and why have they made it in the first place. It shows Shahid’s teenage life, his personal setbacks, how he was trained as terrorist, and his relationship with family and his strained marriage life. The movie gets gripping (from commercial point of view) in the very last part … and then suddenly it ends.

So if you ask me, is it a commercial entertainer… absolutely NO. But once you get to know, what’s that EXTRAordinary thing he has done in his life, you will feel – it’s a great movie. Once you know, it’s a real life story – you will feel it’s a great movie.

A short excerpt on that EXTRAordinary thing of Shahid:
Shahid during his teenage was caught by police as a suspect in Mumbai riots; few months later he was getting trained in Pakistan for terrorist activities, his return to India lands him into jail for few years under the country’s anti-terror laws. This is how Shahid spent most of ‘youth period’ of his life. Well, the movie shows that he was innocent all throughout but still he has to go through such miseries because of country’s laws.

Shahid completes his schooling in jail, and after his release, studies law to help those people who, like him, were wrongly accused and jailed (for years) on charges of terrorism. As a lawyer, he managed to release 17 (mostly poor) people, who otherwise, would not have been able to make it.

Basically, it’s a story of innocent but suspected terrorist who becomes a lawyer to help suspected terrorist (and obviously innocent) like him.

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