Shamitabh Movie Review

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Director:  R. Balki
Cast:  Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush and Akshara Haasan

So its not the looks, its not the packs, its not the big daddy moolah or the castimg couch.. Director R Balki has tried to mock bollywood's reigning trends by using stalwart Bachchan's voice against the very commoner looking Dhanush.. A concept we couldn't make peace with till the very end. As much as we thoroughly enjoyed 'piddly si baatein' that questions the meaningless lyrics of some stupid (yet catchy) song that makes even the most useless movies run.. Very sadly we couldn't enjoy the ego tussles of the two brave performers. What seemed an insight to the real bollywood behind the posters... Ends up like a sad baseless novel. For the first time ever we have come across a movie where the actors and their performances overtake the whole script and make it look shallow.

No words to describe Bachchan's stellar performance. A lot of scenes (maybe differing in emotion) bring back the memories of his 'Anthony' character from Amar Akbar Anthony where he dresses up his wounds in the mirror. And Dhanush, no matter how humble you look, you're a darling since Raanjhana. And with this movie you have proved that your mettle is beyond 'words' literally.

Enough of fandom, the movie that builds up a super interesting plot in the first half, leaves it directionless in the second. When a voiceless nobody (literally), from Iggatpuri heads to Mumbai nagri to become a hero, the real game begins. Put a face of Dhanush to this guy and voice of Amitabh and voila! The directors, producers and audience go nuts for this synthesized bollywood figure fever. But then ain't success easier achieved than digested? So shAMITABH (read shhhamitabh for silent amitabh!) end up in a war of identity crisis. The ego tussle between Dhanush's character and that of Amitabh's seems way too stretched. We have no idea what Akshara is doing here. Yes she does walk in and walk out of frames abruptly and delivers dialogues sans all emotions in one continuous tone (makes us wonder if someone was 'lip syncing' for her as well).

When you have a legend like that and when you have a dynamite of a performer, the possibilities could have been millions.

For the two very able set of shoulders and the bollywood mockery.. 2 1/2 shors here.

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