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In the City of foodies, new food joints / restaurants openings seem to happen every few weeks. These past few months alone has seen quite a few "big name" projects open, ranging from multi-cuisine to specialist restaurants to food wagons and to expansion of existing brands. While we were just about inundated with big, new openings, the one last, new restaurant that has caught our attention is ‘Shamiyana’. Remember, we talked about molecular gastronomy yesterday – yes, we are talking about the same one. 

For this article, we would be sticking to their ambiance piece as every single thing in the restaurant needs a dedicated article to describe. 

We started for our first visit and on our way, we talked to their courteous staff over the phone about their exact address as we were nearing Koba circle. Yes, it’s outside Ahmedabad just nearby to Koba circle. While we were speaking over the phone, my colleague, who was driving, showed me something in orange color which was shining like a star in that dark set up. He was kinda excited to discover what exactly it is and I was busy taking the address but guess what, that was the exterior of Shamiyana. Yes, if you are travelling from Koba circle to Info City, Gandhinagar, it is something which cannot miss your eyes even if you are driving at Schumacher’s speed. We took a big U turn and saw ample parking space. The outside wall of the restaurant read ‘Undiscovered Recipes’ in a life size font. Who wouldn’t get excited after reading this?

The excitement continued when we stepped in. They have almost a restaurant size waiting room with a comfortable sofa. Once you step-in, someone from the team was ready to escort us to the dining area and if there’s any waiting they are trained to show you the way to a comfy looking sofa to rest on.  

Thankfully, there was no waiting and we straight away went into the main area of a restaurant. It was a large set-up with many tables – comfortably accommodating 90 to 100 people in one go. Sideways you will see tables which have sofas as seating while on the center of the set-up, it was all wooden tables – not at all congested; in fact, the entire set up promises to give you lot of space and privacy – high ceiling just adds on to that extra space feeling. The soothing color ambience had walls with different kinda art which will surely attract your attention. They have not done anything jazzy as far as their ambiance goes. Right from their exterior to waiting area, to dining area – everything’s just so smooth and soothing. As soon as you make yourself comfortable, you will see a big room, with a decent size screen and effective sound system. They call it as dedicated mocktail deck place. Let us tell you that there are very few places in Ahmedabad which has this kinda state-of-the-art music system. It is just so perfect to watch your favorite football, cricket matches or you can also make a plan to see filmfare awards. Tell them once to increase the volume and your feet will automatically start moving. 

There comes the food. Well, we won’t talk about food for now as you have to wait for our next round of write-ups; however, for a restaurant that has only been open for a few days, service was outstanding! Part of it may be good timing and eagerness-to-please with a new restaurant, but it's nice to visit a new restaurant and not have the service be one of the problems. Dishes were quickly removed when finished, drinks were refilled when low without asking (and covered to prevent any splashing), it was really pleasant, outstanding service. Key persons from the team were always greeting the guests and coming around to see how things were from time-to-time; a nice gesture.

Well, we can keep on writing about our experience but then we know you guys don’t prefer long write-ups – right? So we kinda conclude here. Do visit them and share your experience with us. And watch out as we unearth their undiscovered recipes and molecular gastronomy – something that Ahmedabad hasn’t seen so far. 

Shamiyana Restaurant, Besides Venus Party Plot, Koba Circle, Gandhinagar

Contact number:
9879000164 | 9879000759

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