Shamiyana - A new restaurant
In the City of foodies, new food joints / restaurants openings seem to happen every few weeks. These
Shamiyana - Experience undiscovered recipes
So this option is for foodies and people who love long drives. Oh yes, it’s a perfect combo af
Lebanese Cuisine @ Shamiyana
We told you about their ambience, we told you about their Indian dishes and now it’s time to t
More food at Shamiyana
This is one of the latest entrants in our city and after writing twice about them, they have gone bo
Drink, eat and make merry at Shamiyana
Generally, it isn't hard to muster enthusiasm for mocktails. The very word summons flashbacks to
Shamiyana: A Class Apart
So far we have talked about their subtle and soothing ambiance and their superbly tasty cuisines. It
Shamiyana - Navratri Special
Midnight buffet at Shamiyana, Gandhinagar You have played Garba till 1 AM. You are
Shamiyana Celebrates Halloween
Halloween, a day celebrated on the 31st in remembrance of the dead, including saints (hallows), mart
Halloween at Shamiyana
The team at SHAMIYANA RESTAURANT is out for blood. Well not really but, they've created a s
Shamiyana - Christmas Special!
The Unique Christmas Special celebration at Shamiyana Restaurant, Gandhinagar.  When S
Celebrate Halloween at SHAMIYANA
The team at SHAMIYANA RESTAURANT is out for blood. Well not really but, they've created a specia
Experience a Spine-chilling Halloween at Shamiyana!
Spooky, Goosebumps guaranteed, Spine-chilling, Mind-freezing. All of these adjectives feel like and