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Tired of going to the same old places in the city, aren’t you?
Well, fret not because we are now giving you a chance to enjoy a thoroughly fun filled weekend with your friends and loved ones alike at none other than the newly opened hang out joint of the city: HEAD-O -STATE.

Situated behind Rajpath Club, this cafe has already stolen the hearts of us Amdavadis who are always on the lookout for something new and eccentric; that too in just one short month! From the moment you set a foot in this place, you will be welcomed by the ever present whiff of the tempting sheesha, huge bayside windows, melodious music, beautiful ceiling light fixtures, warm table settings and an unperturbed ambience all in all; everything that will make you want to sink into your chairs for infinity and beyond!

With an extensive menu that features the most unusual yet delectable food dishes and names along with a wide array of Sheesha options, this cafe has surely proven to be a worthy competitor to all the other hukkah lounges in the city in just a brief period of time, breaking the general perception of the people that hukkah cafes can’t have good food and how!

Some of their most loved and popular dishes and drinks include the DESI DIP PLATTER, a huge salver of kurkure, potato wafers and wedges served alongside 6 different dips which is a perfect accompaniment to light conversations with your best friends, the HOS BLAST that is a masala cola all set to provide that much needed kick to your taste buds, and the aptly named BIG BOOTY (yes, booty!)- A delicious concoction of basil syrup, kiwi blend, pineapple and lemon grass juice with just the right amount of fizz, the first sip of which will surely blow your mind away!

Their gooey, warm and appetizing CHEESE POPPERS spell absolute heaven while the unique SEV PURI TACOS hits just the right blend of east and west, combining the wholesome goodness of both in one mouth watering dish; with a longer list ready to follow and more! Instead of talking about it, I’ll leave you to drool at the pictures in peace, okay?

The best part of this inimitable cafe though is their weekend plan. HEAD O STATE is now all set to raise the bar and your state of mind with soulful live music, guitarists and singers along with exceptional movie screenings each weekend and every weekend to follow so that you can de stress and take a respite from the hectic week with one of the best options this city has to offer!

With so much in store for you and more, we hope to see you there this weekend-sipping on a jack sparrow, tapping your feet to the good music and smoking sheesha with a joyous yet satiated face, yes? Come and improve your state of mind! Cheers.

Address: HEAD O STATE, 1st Floor, Above Cooking Culture, B/h. Rajpath Club.
Contact: 076000 49333



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