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It is one thing to buy a house and making it a 'home', is a different ball game altogether! Tedious as it may seem, SHILPAGYAA provides the perfect one-stop solution to adorn your lovely space. Placed on the 1st Floor of Hari Om Tower, above Cafe Coffee Day, on Law Garden; they offer just about everything to create your dream abode!

SHILPAGYAA showcases a visual treasure, showcasing Idols of Ganesha and Buddha, artistic showpieces of the ladies and musicians, flower vases and hoards more, made out of Wood, Marble, Brass and Poly-resin; to make for the perfect hub for you to pick a gift for your dear ones or to indulge in some pure bliss yourself. 

The store is afterall about decking up your home in elegance. No unnecessary riff-raffs. No gaudiness, they house just about everything. From the time you step in, you get to be a part of a private world wherein you get to witness the rarest of beauties making a sober yet, telling statement; making it Ahmedabad's only store that houses traditional, yet unique artifacts at a budget price.

From gifting something unique to your friends and family to sprucing up your abode, SHILPAGYAA has it all for you. Cheers.


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