Shilpagya's Crystal Fashion Jewellery

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Introducing Aesthetic Crystal Fashion Jewellery by Shilpagyaa that helps you heal too.

A jewellery piece which not only enhances your beauty but helps in transforming your life. Be it Neck piece, Earrings, Rings, Pendants or anything; how about using it for style, looks and also for health reasons. Yes, Healing crystal jewelleries are meant as spiritual supports. Crystal has its own consciousness and every crystal has its own signature quality. Different crystals are used for different aspects. Its not only crystal jewlery but also other forms of crystals kept in environment that helps bring the change. Be it a student preparing for exams who requires focus and concentration, or a firm requiring team cooperation and goal achievement or any individual suffering from health or emotional issues.

The beauty and power of crystals have long been recognized, from the ancient to the modern times. They have always been prized for their beauty and their healing and spiritual properties. Healers, shamans, priests and spiritual seekers have used crystals for their special powers. Crystal healing today continues to find new ways in which minerals can help us restore to balance our stressful lives.

Well, we don't intend to give you details about the power of crystals; however, do know that Crystal helps you in every area of your life whether it be health, relationship, finances, spiritual growth, emotional issues, space cleansing and energizing.

And its not just any crystal that you can wear and flaunt. Team at Shilpagyaa gives you proper guidance in selecting the right crystal for you as an individual. 

Excited about health benefits but worried about the cost? You should not be. All Crystal jewelleries are in silver but are very much affordable. 

Here's the range available at the Shilpagyaa:
Products available in crystal jewelry: Neck piece, ​Earrings , Rings, Pendant, Silver Bracelet, Crystal Bracelet, Pendant Earring set, Mala, Anklet 

​​Products available in other crystal products: ​Twin Heart, Mandarin duck pair, Crystal tumbled stones, Reiki set, Healing sticks, Angels, ​Pendulums, Crystal Pencil, Crystal Ball, Rough Crystal,Massage Wands, Crystal Tree, Crystal Pyramid, 7 chakra set, 7 chakra generator, heart shape crystal. 

What are you waiting for? Visit them right away... if nothing else you will get to understand a lot about Healing Crystal Fashion Jewelleries.

Disclaimer: Crystal healing is not a substitute for medical prescriptions.

Shilpagyaa-The Art and Craft Gallery
A-11, Hariom Tower, 
Panchvati Road, 
Law Garden, 
Above CCD, 

(M) : +91 9376101156
(O) : 079 32940079

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