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Mumbai’s very own, now in Ahmedabad.

Shiv Sagar | Aeon Complex, Near Reliance Fresh, Vijay Cross Roads, Navrangpura.

Mumbai | The city that’s always on the move. For the most part of my matured life I have been staying in Mumbai and till date Mumbai, for reasons that I am still trying to gauge, fascinates me.

Now that I have come back to my roots, my longing for Mumbai haunts me. People talk of Mumbai only when it’s the crowded trains, the long traffic jams, the cool cabs, the pubs and the shopping streets. But for me Mumbai is more then all this. It’s the lanes and by lanes. It’s the small road side vendor that sells Vada Pav. It’s the chowpatty that dishes out repetitive delicacies but each with distinct flavour.

For me and many alike, Mumbai is in the flavour. Trust me, I am yet to find a café or a food joint in Mumbai that serves you ordinary taste and it takes a whole lot of dedication to be on the top of the league of extra ordinary food joints, especially in Mumbai.

Being the World Mumbai, it serves you cuisines from every corner of the world but existing within such a food city, the good old taste of Mumbiya delicacies is still preserved by some. One such highlight of Mumbai is Shiv Sagar. Founded in 1981, Shiv Sagar has created its niche in Mumbai, serving out authentic flavours of Indian cuisine. Let it be a quick bite or that that lunch / dinner. A fresh fruit juice or that special faluda, Shiv Sagar is probably the best when it comes to satisfying our Indian hunger.

After much a wait, Shiv Sagar has finally landed into the city of foodies. Shiv Sagar launched its first ever outlet in Ahmedabad last weekend and CityShor was the first to announce it to Ahmedabad. Recently we were invited to try their food and give them an honest feedback about the taste. Who better than an Ex-Mumbaiya to try the authentic Mumbai flavors? One morsel at Shiv Sagar and the soul of Mumbai has rekindled within me.

Here’s a mark sheet of those authentic Mumbai recipes served at Shiv Sagar. This one time, we would rate food on it being true to the authentic taste of Mumbai -

Masala Pav – Slices of bread cooked with garlic powder. The true Maharashtrian starter | Authenticity Quotient: 4 / 5

Pav Bhaji – from the shores of Juhu comes the tangy and spicy flavours | Authenticity Quotient: 5 / 5

Khada Pav Bhaji – The must have if you want to experience Mumbai in every bite | Authenticity Quotient: 5 / 5

Dal Khichdi – The maharashtrian version of Daal Bhaat. Highly recommended | Authenticity Quotient: 5 / 5

Strawberry cream – slices of strawberry hidden amongst loads of cream | Authenticity Quotient: 5 / 5

Faluda – A cold sweet beverage encapsulating the very essence of Mumbai | Authenticity Quotient: 5 / 5

For those who still want to go beyond Mumbai, Shiv Sagar serves you Punjabi, South Indian and Chinese cuisine even. We still have to try them out so we would review them at some other point in time. This time it was just Mumbai on our minds and trust us we did experience Mumbai, mouthful of Mumbai.

Rush to Shiv Sagar today | Aeon Complex, Near Reliance Fresh, Vijay Cross Roads, Navrangpura.

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