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Sawal Ek Crore Ka…

The most difficult of all questions, Where to eat, this diwali? Specially when there is a constant flow of guests and relatives, we have to treat them to the best of the cuisines.  Our guest list goes beyond the single digits and hence the preference of each one of us is different. 

The choice of food for everyone of us is different, top it all we don’t get all the cuisines at one place. 

Thai curries to Mexican Nachos, Italian pizza’s to Punjabi subzi…. everyone in the family has their own preference. We can’t make everyone happy neither can be make them annoyed. That’s were CityShor come’s to your rescue.

Shocolatery, this is the restaurant for everyone. Mexican Salsa Wrap, Mediterranean Panini, Ricotta Pasta, Falafel, Thai Curry & Rice, Kadhai Paneer Afghani with Tandoori Roti and the desserts… Blueberry Cheese Cake & Vertigo Cake! The list is endless. Shocolatery is that one place which caters to all the foodies. What ever be your food preference, you are sure to have a hearty meal at Shocolatery. 

This Diwali, enjoy your holiday, plan a brunch. Tomorrow, forget the early morning breakfast and the preparations for Lunch. Instead attend to your guests, play with your kids, and reach Shocolatery just in time for their amazing Brunch. Start with Mocktails and move on to international delicacies or Indian cuisine, eat to your heart’s content and enjoy the day.   

Go there tomorrow morning between 11am to 3pm and celebrate your Diwali.

For the evening today, visit Shocolatery, and be a part of a beautiful Diwali pre evening. Music, food and Happy hours. All at Shocolatery. Happy Hours between 6pm to 8pm. (Free Mocktails)

So go ahead, make every one happy !!! Share the happiness !!!!

Address:Shocolatery, Pushpak Complex, Opposite Prahlad Nagar Garden, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad.

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