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While you have quite a few options when it comes to shopping apparel at the 'flea markets'; to be honest, we are quite exhausted. This time out, why not shop 'art' for a change?
Bringing forth a fresh change for your eyes, CRAFTATURE brings forth a lovely array of 12x18 framed photos, photo calendars, paper quilled wall hangings, and utility boxes with paper quilled motifs; For you to get a hold of Urban Flea - Stall no: 61, that takes place on 27-28-29 May, between 5 pm to 12 midnight, at Crescent Lawn, Sindhu Bhavan Road.

Initiated by Sshweta Rajeswari, a creative content writer, a street photographer and a paper quilling hobby artist - CRAFTATURE, is reflection of Sshweta’s craft skills and creativity, leading to an array of unique handmade products, that you simply can't miss out on.
Being an avid traveller, Sshweta has a curated collection of photos, clicked over a span of four years. Be it an office space, your home, a cafe, or just about anywhere; The frame work makes for a wondrous addition to your walls. From the streets of Rajasthan, to intricate carvings, the options are limitless to quirk up your space. There is also a set collection for the ones are looking for an ultra-premium range of photographs.

Apart from the photos adorning a frame, Sshweta has also set them up to form surreal Photo Calendars, that rightly boasts of an Ahmedabad and a Calcutta edition as well. With only a few pieces available, you can get the same at a DISCOUNTED Price, making for the perfect gifting idea!

CRAFTATURE is also a junction of quilled creations, in the form of paper quilled wall hangings, and utility boxes with paper quilled motifs.
Quilling is an ​art​ form that involves the use of strips of ​paper which are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs. What truly sets CRAFTATURE apart, in addition to the quilled creations, is the fact that every creation is unique. 

Inspired by nature, and our traditions, you can add drama to your walls by adorning them with Paper quilled wall hangings, that tend to radiate such 'peppiness' to it, that is ideal for just about any space.
The range of paper quilled jewellery boxes, showcases a never-seen-before range of designs and colours in the form of paper quilled motifs and decorative elements atop wooden boxes; making for an apt gift for your loved ones on their birthdays, or any occasion for that matter.

All in all, CRAFTATURE tends to be a one stop solution to give a retouch to your home & get going with the perfect symphony between some innovative designs and art that will give it a makeover. Add that zing to your much loved and adored space, with some unusual and artistic decor options. Cheers.

You can shop for Craftature’s collection at Urban Flea stall # 61

Dates: 27-28-29 May

Timings: 5 pm to 12 midnight

Venue: Crescent Lawn, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9979022332


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