Showcasing CREYONS at Margarita Pop up Show

Margarita Pop Up Show - Fashion Tales 2018, showcases 7 exquisite fashion & lifestyle brands at its first exhibition of 2018!

Anay Gallery | 7th & 8th January | 10:30 AM onwards | 0925010904

Showcasing today is Creyons

Creyons exhibits their exclusive and seasons new range of Crafted German silver jewellery. Pick your style and accessorise yourself with plenty of options.

Creyons is a one stop destination for the latest and the choicest jewellery in town. Designs are simple and elegant with a dash of a glamour which stands out in the crowd. It gives you a taste luxury that is astonishingly affordable.

Every dress is incomplete with the perfect accessories and Creyons is just the right place to complete your look!

Anay Gallery | 7th & 8th January | 10:30 AM onwards | 0925010904

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