Shree Manmohan Kharek Centre Ahmedabad

The story of an Amazing Innovator
It was 11 in the night yesterday. We were tired. We saw this shop open and simply dropped in. Before we started talking to Manish, we wondered how this guy has managed to innovate so many awesome unusual varieties of khareks, flavoured soda drinks, flavoured non-soda drinks, mukhwas, hajma golis & masalas, flavoured dried paans and you-name-all-the-after-lunch/dinner-musts. AND then we met Manish … The Manish. And we were impressed. And spell-bounded. And please add a few more adjectives. USPs? Product, Presentation & Person himself.

Not only the stuff that he sells, but the guy himself is somebody you can’t afford to miss. He engages his customers in a way that makes them turn-up to the place regularly. Read : Simply great great customer centricity, something that even big stores miss on. Having seen our share of customer-service world, we can safely say to the Corporate Customer Service Managers – Do it Manish’s way and you won’t let go of your customer EVER.

Talking about products – he keeps experimenting & creating new flavors and believes “you need to love your work if you thrive to reach higher”. His belief in “originality” is something to remember “Won’t buy a duplicate brand in Rs. 500, would rather buy an original of 400 even if the brand is lesser known. Won’t show-off, won’t fake it”. Each of his belief reflects clearly in his passion for work.

The shop started on a larri years back by his grand-father, followed by his father and now he runs the show in a shop near Navrangpura bus stand. No wonder why a customer cum fan had “gifted” the shop out of love & respect to them years back. Of course, later they paid that Fan.

CityShor salutes Manish & his ever-high-spirit! Good going buddy. Way to go. Sky High!

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