Shuddh Desi Romance Movie Review

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How many times Bollywood has attempted a love story? Countless times and that too since ages. By and large every love story has the same theme. Lead characters fall in love, they part and are back again in climax. Sometimes I wonder, how can you make same story look different all the time. But to our surprises, directors have been able to do this successfully since so many years.

Well here’s one more attempt of making a love story from the director of Band Baaja Baarat and the writer of Chak De India. The handsome Sushant Singh Rajput, candid & independent looking Parineeta, unusual movie banner, kissing scene promos on Youtube have been projected well … enough to make you go for the movie.

Well the movie is actually different. Director Maneesh Sharma gives you a welcome break for those who believe that a romantic comedy happy ending means a wedding. This movie talks about conflicts between love & commitment and shows acceptability of the much-hyped ‘live-in relationship’ among Indian youth.

The entire first half is awesomely directed. Little romantic fights, kisses, bed scenes, spending ‘quality’ time with each other, etc makes you smile and also makes you enjoy movie thoroughly. Lust is beautifully showcased and attraction is classically packaged. In the midst of those cute moments you also start believing that there’s some ‘suspense’ that will be revealed soon e.g. Why Sushant runs away from his own marriage? How is this movie going to take turns? What will happen next? You break for the pop-corn / samosas / nachos and drinks with a big smile on your face.

Guess what, the second half is utter disappointment and sometimes gets stupid. If I rate 3.5 stars to first half, I will give 2.0 to the second part of the movie. Well, we won’t tell you the details but it is definitely worth watching for the first half.

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