SILVER LEAF BISTRO is now open till 1 am

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While you have your fair share of restaurants that are quite inconsistent in taste, to be honest; There are a few that are bound to amaze you every time you make your way down there, and SILVER LEAF BISTRO by Cama Hotel stands atop that list. In fact, for your indulgence, the eatery at Acropolis Mall, on S.G. Highway is now open till 1 in the night!

From the time you step in and glance their menu, you know for a fact that you are in for a worthy treat. With an extensive menu, and a more than helpful chef all set, our experience was no different.
This time out, our course started with their soups from the Eastern countries, in the form of an ASIAN GREEN CLEAR SOUP, and a TOM KHA KHAI SOUP; The chef's favourite, and in no time, our's as well. Accompanying the soups on our gastronomical journey, was their take on a GREEK SALAD, as well a CAESAR SALAD, reasons enough for the health conscious to indulge.

A visual pleasure to our eyes came in the form of SAUFIYA TARKARI BIRYANI, that even tasted as good as it looked. Not too spicy, not too mild, offering just the right amount of flavours blended together with finesse.
More for the non-vegetarian aficionados is their lovely take on BUTTER CHICKEN, as well as that of a TAWA CHICKEN - Beautiful consistency, and apt flavour through and through, that makes for a delicious meal when paired with Rotis.

Pasta lovers should definitely try SILVER LEAF BISTRO's PENNE PASTA in an ARRABIATA SAUCE; While the CAMA CLUB SANDWICH is also quite commendable to say the least.
While Dhanshak's are generally affiliated with 'meat', the bistro offers their version of a VEG DHANSHAK, that tops our 'must have' list.

At the end of it all, we can easily conclude SILVER LEAF BISTRO offered the ditto service and quality of food that it has always been synonymous with; Making for a wondrous experience. Cheers.

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