Sinful 7 Indulgence for the Summers!

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Mazzo Global Cafe – Vastrapur invites you all to indulge into 7 of the most refreshing and newest additions to their exciting menu!

Live IPL screenings daily, new additions to their already awesome world cuisine and a chance to rejuvenate, replenish and relive! Head to Mazzo this weekend and experience the newness!

When the normal is mundane, the routine is boring and life is dull, you opt for something that’s exciting, refreshing and new. This is what brings the much needed zing back into your life, the much needed spring in your step, the much needed break to replenish, rejuvenate and reveal the new you.

Mazzo stands up to the challenge and brings to you the newest and an exciting addition of 7 refreshing and sinful indulgence. So here’s what they are:

TROPICAL SUNRISE: Fizz and with overwhelming and refreshing flavours this is a must have on a day when you want to refuel yourself with some excitement! One Sip and let the world know you have arrived!

POTATO TWISTIES: Thin and crisp slices of fried potatoes served along with ketchup & a spicy chutney. Choose your chutney, dip the potato slice and close your eyes! Let the magic take over!

ACHARI PANEER TIKKA & ACHARI CHICKEN TIKKA: This is a must have for those in-between hunger pangs. Absolutely true on the flavours and light on the belly, just the perfect option to indulge into!

VIRGIN CHASERS: Three distinct flavours, served in three shot glasses with salt on the brim. Choose your time, choose your flavour and gulp it. Big experiences come in small packages!

VERRY BERRY: For those who die for a scoop of icecream, here’s your sin! A beer glass full of happiness served chilled!

WAFFLE SUNDAE: Thick base of crunchy waffle served with three different flavours of Ice Cream. A scoop of ice cream with a huge chunk of crunchy Waffle and you are all set to take on the world, one bite at a time, one indulgence at a time!

What more, Mazzo has daily Live IPL screenings for the cricket crazy foodies. So while your soul feasts on some of the most lip smacking world cuisine, enjoy your passion and cheer for your team, this IPL season.

And to top it all, if you celebrating your birthday or that of a close one, Mazzo offers you discount equivalent to the age of the Birthday boy / girl. Now that calls for some celebrations!

So go ahead, foodies, this one time, sin is forgiven for indulgence is the mantra to go through the season! 
Mazzo: 27, Sunshine Villa, Sunrise Park Society, Vastrapur, | Contact: 9727731837

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