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“Welcome to the world of Happy, Joy and Fun!” Wait, this world is for your children. We are talking about a one of its kind school in our city.  Here, children learn because of the curiosity in them. At this school, we came across the real sense of “Learning is Fun.”
We are talking about the school SIS Prep (Singapore International Preparatory School). Have you got any idea about Reggio approach? We are guessing a “NO’ because before visiting this school even we had no idea about it. So Reggio Emilia was established in Northern Italy in 1994 that specializes in early childhood worldwide. It is an educational approach focused on Pre School education. The education here is more through exploration & discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children through a child-initiated or teacher provoked curriculum, which surely sounds distinctive but at the same time lays the academic foundation.
The program is designed to bring out the best in your child and equip them with the skills and mindset to lead a productive life that incorporates a lifetime of learning. SIS Prep takes care of smallest of things about your child. Their six programs are MnM (For infants between 6 to 18 months) accompanied with mums, Minis (For toddlers between 18 to 30 months), Nursery- 1 (For tots between 30 to 36 months), Nursery -2 (3-4 years) Kindergarten -1 (For 4-5 years), Kindergarten- 2 (5-6 years). Their program is designed to bring the best out of your child. They help the children by providing a stimulating, exciting environment where children will have the freedom to play, observe, query, explore and learn from all of them.
Reggio approach is successful in providing an enriched environment that provides both physical challenges and the sensory stimulation needed to nourish his growing brain. Yes, they bring a new day in child's life every day, and learning is based on the hands on activities. Well, did we forget to tell you about those colorful rooms and furniture everywhere in the campus? Even the handles of the doors and drawers are designed in a way that the kid doesn’t get hurt. Yes, every small thing is taken care of here. Those Lilliput washrooms are the cutest. Wash Basin, Toilet everything is in tiny size.
There’s a lot more to tell you about this school but for now, learn about the new change Reggio approach, go through the photographs and visit the school for inquiry. 
Address: 16, Inqilab Society, Gulbai Tekra, Opposite Atlanta Tower, Ahmedabad - 380015
Contact: +91 9033350000



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