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Remember the school with the “Reggio Approach’, SIS PREP (Singapore International preparatory school). Yes, the school that brings happiness to you and your child is what we are talking about. The school, which is not yet one year old, is the talk of the town.


SIS PREP is a preparatory school rather than any other play school in the neighborhood, which prepares the child to grow into well-rounded confident individuals.


Did you know that children learn more in first 5 years of their lives than at any other time in their lives?


In SIS PREP, academic excellence is achieved by allowing children to learn at their own pace. Providing multiple explorative and learning areas within each concept, tailored for students of different levels of achievement. Allowing students to choose, with the teacher’s guidance, ways to learn and how to demonstrate what they have learned. Student’s safety and growth is the significance of the school.


SIS PREP offers programs which starts for children who are as little as 6months.


Mom and Me program (MnM) in SIS Prep which is (from 6months to 18months) is a unique playful parenting program keyed to your child’s developmental needs. Their “playscapes” are designed to provide the multisensory stimulation one needs in a safe controlled environment under a professionally supervised condition.


Minis in SIS Prep as they call it (from18months to 30 months toddlers) focuses on children to constructively develop their curiosity, communication, concentration, self-esteem and social skills through fun, interactive activities. They learn using their five senses.


Nursery in SIS Prep teaches preschoolers to use creativity, communication, confidence, and critical thinking and collaboration skills through fun, interactive activities. Children learn by seeing, hearing, touching and doing. Children control the pace of the class by responding to the classroom teacher and content presented to them.


In Kindergarten SIS Prep, their aim is at making the journey of learning a memorable to prepare the child for the early reception years and yet make it full of fun and joy, and very natural process of continuity.


To sum it up, it’s a school where students look forward every morning to come and where each child sees an idol in his or her teacher. 


Visit the campus, take a tour and we are sure you are going to love this place from every aspect. Be it teaching method, cleanliness or safety. This place will shape a better future of your child.

Address: 16, Inqualab society, opp Atlanta tower, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad-380015


Contact: +91 9033350000



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