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Sizzlers Festival at Café Upper Crust - The most happening place then, now and probably forever!!! Isn’t it enough? Shouldn’t the article end here? Is there a need for us to make you believe that it’s going to be the best in town – don’t you already know that? 

As they do it every year, they are doing it this year as well - Sizzler Festival; as per CityShor, it’s one of those ‘not to miss’ and ‘best’ food fest of the city. 

For this food festival, they have 10 Veg and 10 Non Veg Sizzlers and the best part about this festival is none of their festive sizzlers are a part of their regular menu. So if you don’t eat it now, you probably will miss it forever (though not literally). 

Jumping straight to our sizzling food experience: 
Paneer pieces in tangy orange sauce served with burnt garlic fried rice and stir fry veg. This is the new trend CityShor has observed – serving Paneer Pieces in orange sauce. It’s probably one of the yummiest taste mixture combos that have just been introduced in the city. There are high chances that you would not have tried this combo and thereby it definitely becomes a must dish to order in this festival.   

Hunger Games:
My favorite. Yope Mexican food at Upper Crust is just to die for. Paneer Steak in Mexican sauce served with nacho salad & jacket potato. If you are in love with potato and cheese, jacket potato is something that you should eat first from that sizzling dish. My colleague had both the potatoes – and we are not talking since then . After watching my colleague finished those potatoes, we picked up Nachos chips and trust me very place in Ahmedabad gives you that perfect Nachos chips and yes Upper Crust is definitely amongst the top three in the city. And finally, we had main portion of the Sizzler. Do we need to tell you how was it? Not needed, we believe.

Desi Tava Veg:
To those old school and masaledar taste wale people – here is the option for you. If you are one of those who can’t appreciate typical Mexican taste or just hate those weird sauces and combos that people keep on introducing nowadays, here is an option to die for. That typical North Indian taste - tava veggies served either with Kulcha or with rice. We recommend you to take up Kulcha options and take a bite of the softest Kulcha one could eat. It’s a bit on spicier side; so beware before you order.

Channel Orange : now, this one requires a special mention since it was a dream come true. How? A few days back I tried a Paneer dish with Tangy Orange sauce. Loved it to the core. And since then I had been dreaming of how chicken will taste with similar sauce. And the dream came true when I saw this one on the menu. This was last to come and man … how I waited; and how so very worth was it! It’s one of those dishes you want more of as you start eating. Delicate boneless chicken in tangy orange sauce served with fried rice & stir fried assorted veg.

Fiesta BBQ Chicken : Yes you have heard of BBQ chicken. No big deal, not unless you have tried this one – BBQ in real sense. The secret gets partially revealed when it arrives on your table. Hot, Dark & Good Looking – is how I call it. The rest of secrecy gets revealed when you move further, bring your knife & fork together, work your way around the first bite … totally unbeatable. It’s spicy & it’s superb.

Tandoori BBQ Chicken : OMG! This too is different. You a ‘tandoori tangdi’ lover? Then forget everything else and go for this one. And if you want to enjoy it best, my personal suggestion is pelezzz don’t use fork & knife; instead use both of your hand and savor it desi-way.

Desi Tava Fish : Now, now who in the world doesn’t like Basha when it comes to fishes? Though I am personally not a Fish Fan, I loved this one for its delicacy & taste that it left behind. Served with Masala Kulcha or Masala rice (I suggest Kulcha), this one will remain with your taste buds for long. 

So be there early as festival is only till 31st of this month.

Café Upper Crust
6 & 7 Arohi Complex, Opp. Maharaja Palace, Nr. Vijay Cross Road,
Ph.: 079-27913821, 27912778
(M) 9825232895 

Café Upper Crust Round The Corner 
4 & 5 Shubham Complex, Sunrise Park Corner, Opp. Prerna Tower
Nr. Sanjivani Hospital, Vastrapur Lake
Ph: 079-26850150, 26853045
(M)  9925788288,,,

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