SKY DIVING comes to Mehsana!

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Jumping from a plane at 10,000 feet! Going over 220km/h! Opening the shoot at 6,000 feet! SKY DIVING is enthralling to say the least! Well, the same experience is brought to Gujarat by SKY RIDERS, and that too at an hour's drive from Ahmedabad, in the city of MEHSANA!
To inquire, call: 1800 3002 5867

Having showcased their expertise, and proved their prowess across India, at Karnal (Haryana), Dhana (Madhya Pradesh), Raigarh (Chattisgarh), Pondicherry, Dessa (Gujarat), and Mysore (Karnataka; SKY DIVERS brings a wondrous opportunity of us all to partake in an experience of a lifetime, with their newest stations in Mehsana!

Off the many activities that SKY RIDERS offers, the foremost is the that of a, TANDEM EXPERIENCE!

It is indeed the gateway to the world of skydiving, giving you an instant un-adulterated euphoria. At around 10,000 feet above MSL, you take off elegantly into the space with their instructors into instant nirvana. Though the physical experience will last for 6,000 feet, when your instructor will open the parachute, but it will have an everlasting impression on your soul.

You would be glad when you get to know that, their instructors often allow you to maneuver the parachute at this stage. You will have a view of the city from top before you land at a predetermined place at the airport. (Pssstttt. The whole action will also be video-graphed.)
Talking about their Drop Zone, it is affiliated with the United States Parachute Association and is the only such dropzone in India; And their activities are also approved by the Government of India, and the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

SKY RIDERS latest initiative is for those, who want to do it for pleasure and adventure; And want to live life to fullest because they know that YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!
As a part of the process, their Instructors will first train you thoroughly till the time they are satisfied with your various body positions which you need to maintain during the body flight during free fall. The training will include various communication signals and landing posture and procedure. The training will last for atleast an hour, depending from individual to individual.

In fact, if the entire experience immensely mesmerizes you and you would like to take it a step beyond, they also offer:
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