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Lets face it. Whenever we come across a key-chain with a miniature car or an angry bird, we either smile at it with greedy eyes or simply buy it. We all love miniatures, don’t we? And so does Shirali, the brain behind Small Idea.

A big idea and a small product. That’s what Small Idea is all about. She loves miniatures & the idea behind starting Small Idea was to create realistic looking miniatures which would have functional aspect to it. She likes to make one-of-a-kind unusual product which isn’t available anywhere else.

Products of Small Idea are miniature work of art but it also has utility in day to day life. She made her first piece in 2008 for a friend – it was an USB in shape of a soccer ball and it was so highly appreciated by all that she decided to go commercial. In 2009 she launched Small Idea online shop. Her best selling items are her USBs, coasters, magnets and paper clips. She looks for her inspiration in day to day life. These products are embedded with painstakingly applied minute details. Like any other Amdavadi, food is her favorite and recurring theme.

So, go ahead and choose your pick on the tempting & realistic looking stationary. We surely would love to see a baby burger or a mini sandwich attached to our workstation.


Contributed By – Neha Thakar

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