Sneakpeak into FIRST Big Budget Gujarati Film: TUU TOH GAYO

Since the inception of CityShor, every Friday we have talked about movies that hit the screens that week but, for the first time we will be talking about a movie before it even hits the big screen. With the trend of urban Gujarati movies hitting the market; we have TUU TOH GAYO coming to the city on the 9th of September!

Brought to you by SHANKU'S - A name enhancing the standards of living for the people of Gujarat since 1992. The group, which has always had a vision of serving society by providing the best of health, education and entertainment.
We all know, as to how they were to first ones to bring the first ever Water Park in the country; now bring forth "Tuu toh gayo" - The first big budget film in the Gujarati Film Industry.

Directed by DHWANI GAUTAM, the movie has Tushar Sadhu, Dharmesh Vyas, Raunaq Kamdar, Nilay Patel, Twinkle Vasisht, Jimmy Nanda, Jolly Rathod, Kavya Singh, Shekhar Shukla in the lead roles.
What sets 'Tuu toh gayo' apart from the other urban Gujarati movies is the fact, that it is the first Gujarati film which is shot in Thailand (Pattaya and Bangkok ), with it's story and music being the USP.

Here is a small snippet from the time we got candid with the director:

CS - With the trend of urban Gujarati movies catching up - What does 'Tuu toh gayo' have in store for us?
DG - Well, the film revolves around the life of 4 friends, having their own different life experiences; with the lead - Tushar finally deciding on getting married after a life of affairs, and tragedies, mainly because of his three friends.

CS - Why the name - Tuu toh gayo?
DG - We had quite an in depth discussion with the entire team to come up with a name that suited the story, while also giving hints about what is to befall on the lead character; with his bad luck trailing him throughout.

CS - How do you think the masses will react to it?
DG - We honestly feel that the movie seems to be enticing enough not only to the Gujarati crowd but, in fact everyone around the country - Addressing the universal problems of a married man, in a very light hearted way.
CS - Oh well, it does seem extremely interesting and we simply cannot wait to watch it.

Releasing on the 9th of September, keep an eye out as we talk more about 'TUU TOH GAYO' and get behind the scenes, in the coming week. Cheers.

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