SOHI - The newest restaurant on the block
It was a pretty hot afternoon when we had walked into the all vegetarian, SOHI placed at Shop No 25-
A delectable experience awaits at SOHI
The next time you’re craving for an appetizing meal that really pampers your taste buds, you k
Delicious offerings await at SOHI
One of the latest names to pop up on the restaurant scene in Ahmedabad is SOHI! Decked up with a mor
Indulge in a top-notch meal at SOHI
There is something about this place that compels us to come here again and again; be it the utterly
Must try dishes at Sohi Restaurant
When you visit the same restaurant for the "fifth" time in less than two months, you know
Tantalizing flavours await you at SOHI
With the weather on our side, all that we crave for is comforting food; And when we talk about comfo
A lovely experience awaits you at SOHI
‘Weekends’are indeed the break that each of us starts craving for from Monday itself. An
Curb your craving for delicious food at SOHI
Being in Ahmedabad; weekends simply call for you to satiate your taste buds with some subl
SOHI: Satiating your pangs with ease
SOHI! Now, that is a restaurant that has thoroughly mesmerized us time and time again for, every sin
Indulge in an 'ALL YOU CAN EAT' fare at SOHI
Being an Amdavadi and being a foodie are indeed two synonyms; and when you talk about being a foodie
New place to visit this weekend - So Hi Kebabs & Curries
At the peak of winters, here comes a new restaurant that serves authentic Veg / Non Veg delicacies-
A Non veg lover s paradise - So Hi Kebab & Curries
Places that serve delicious Non Veg. are a scarcity, when it comes to the Food scene of Ahmedabad!
New place to visit this weekend- So Hi Kebab & Curries
There are famous places. Then, there are brands. Then, there are Legends.   So Hi Kebabs
7+ Must trys at So Hi Kebabs and Curries Co
Well-known all across Jaipur for their authentic Veg & Non Veg delicacies, So Hi Kebabs & Cu