We know that you and economy are on pretty bad terms lately so this weekend cityShor brings to you CITYSHOR DISCOUNTS!!!! Food, fashion or décor, you name it and we have got it. City’s best boutiques, stores, café s and restaurants are opening their doors just for cityshor fans and that too on discounts ranging from 15%-50%. How awesome is that!!!

An outfit is incomplete without some accessory and hence you can’t miss out on good accessories. We recommend you to check out Shweta Parikh Jewelry. It is unique because of its custom made semi-precious stones, sterling silver, gold plating jewelry. It is simply gorgeous.

And as for all the beautiful moms and would be moms, we have got a little surprise for you. We know a perfect place to buy all that you need for yourself and your precious one. ‘Perfect Mother’ is a must visit store because they have got everything from cute little blankies to baby food. And as for other things, we would let you make the list.

This weekend we recommend two Hollywood movies that you most certainly would enjoy. Animated movie- Monsters University and action packed flick; World War Z. Sadly bollywood doesn’t have much to offer but you can still watch Ranjhana if you’re a Sonam Kapoor fan.

Oh yess the food!! How can we forget FOOD!! We say why not try some street food?? Now don’t freak out, the two places we are about to mention is as clean as they come and the taste is just stupendous. Shantaben Panipuriwala and Kamal Pizza, both of the places having good old food that we amdavadis love so much. We have also taken care of your weekend dinner. Go to newly opened Qwiches and take in some of their food as well as the ambiance.

All the lazy ones out there just go to Starz club and spend your Sunday doing all the things you love; Spa, food, relaxing, games and some more relaxing.
Have a great weekend :)

Article by: Hothal Patel


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