Souq - The new look!

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This Cafe cum Restaurant at Vijay Cross Roads is re-opening today with a new, bright and refreshing look.

When you think, you have no option to rejoice the best moments; you get something beautiful from this one source of course. Yes, we ensure that you get the best and beautiful every day. And what can be better than presenting a beautiful place with when the weather has changed its mood?

So, what we are showcasing? A restaurant, cafe that was started back in 2009 and has now become a philosophy and an experience that goes beyond relaxation and makes you reconnect with Levantine World Experience. Yes, they are famous for their amazingly classy fine dine restaurant but the pioneer was this cafe at Vijay Cross roads. You guessed it we guess. The name is Souq, the restaurant. Well, the old is gold with a few changes now.

In short, it’s blue & white & lively than ever before. The music, the colors, the brightness and the beautiful walls with Persian carvings are to be appreciated a lot. Of course, the food of course but hold on for that, not today! Souq is steadily growing popularity and is testimony to the change being accepted in Ahmedabad therefore a change was required to redefine the identity. Well, we would still say, it was always one of its kind places and it is again one of its kind places in Ahmedabad. 

So Welcome to this fun, fresh and romantic space which they have recreated. It embodies the spirit of "Souq" in a causal yet charming cafe style boutique restaurant. The Greece and Egypt are recreated here and they look the best! Go checkout yourself & enjoy! 

Souq - 1 & 2, Aarohi Complex, University Plaza, Near Vijay Cross Road, Navrangpura

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