SOUQ brings forth a new menu for your indulgence

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Change, as they say, is always constant. So when we got to know that SOUQ changed it's menu and introduced some new delicacies on it's menu, it made us doubly curious.
Making our way to one of the pioneers of Mediterranean cuisine at Vijay Cross Roads was easy for, they not only offer some delicious offerings but, also welcome you into their warm and cosy embrace.

The latest menu spread out, covering just about everything from Shawarmas to Platters; We started with their latest addition of a PHILLY CHICKEN STEAK BURGER, that was indeed a massive hit, loaded with juicy chicken and equally apropos sauce.
More for the chicken lover's is SOUQ's latest take on a FIERY CHICKEN, that offers ever-so-lovely succulent chicken cubes marinated with Mexican guajillo chilies, packing a solid punch.

Hummus has always been their forte but, their latest introduction of a MUSHROOMISH HUMMUS, as well as a EGGISH HUMMUS was surprisingly lovely to say the least. Pair it up with their piping hot Pita bread fresh from the over and ooh-la-la!

In fact, SOUQ has added a wondrous fusion of Italian and Mediterranean, in the form of a PITA PIZZA! Now, now! They haven't forgotten their roots for, the only thing 'Italian' is the term Pizza. The platter offers a trio of Pita Bread topped with Hummus, Zucchini, Mushrooms, and Egg Plants.
There is also their PENNE ARRABIATA with a LEBANESE TWIST to it.

The eatery that started back in 2009 and has now become a philosophy and an experience that goes beyond relaxation and makes you reconnect with Levantine World Experience, that asks for your attention over the weekend. Cheers.

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