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Since we write only about those dishes that we ‘try & love’ at a restaurant, we are not left with much option except to take a bite or two of each dish. And the same happens at South Café? No! When we start eating here, we simply drool & go crazy. That’s how much we love the place. It’s simple, it’s soothing, it’s authentic and above all – it’s tasty
“South Cafe – The taste of Bengaluru” is THE place every time you crave for South Indian Food. Ladies out there, you may also like to explore the place for your next kitty party – the snacks & coffees are outstanding too. Best known for Bengaluru Food and the very famous Filter Coffee, they serve few of the most unique stuff that you would hardly get anywhere else. Moving on, here’s the list of what we tried this time:

  • Green Brinjal Rice (Vangi Bhath): This rice preparation had long seasonal Brinjals and Masalas. If you are a rice lover, you would not want to miss this particular dish! 
  • Dosa Meal Platter: Just the perfect meal that has a Masala dosa, a Cheese Mysore Masala Dosa & a Tomato Uttapam. Enough for you even if you have a big tummy. 
  • Open Butter Masala Dosa: Freshly prepared milagai podi is sprinkled on top of soft uttapam base. This comes with the Potato Masala topped with a small scoop of butter. Make sure your bite has all three at once. 
  • Tupa Dosa: You are going to repeat this one for sure. This dosa is made only using Ghee and not butter. Though it’s a plain dosa, it is fully made with ghee which gives pleasant taste & aroma to the crispy dish making you lick your fingers long after your dish is over. 
  • Methi Uttapam: As a winter special we also had METHI Dosa. Crushed & mixed in the batter with mild spices, this dish is seasonal (available only during winter) and sure a healthy dish ... try this soon as its the seasonal of-course 
  • Cheese Coconut Rava Masala: Yes u read it right. Coconut is there in the dosa on which they apply a layer of red chutney and cheese spread all over it with potato stuffing. I never dare to miss this unique combination.  Man, we call it blissful :)

That’s about it about the food this time. 
By the way, here is a special festive offer from South Café to all :
-       10% discount on all party orders (minimum 20 adults) &
-       15% discount for kids party (minimum 20 kids).
Call them for more details

Address: South Café, FF-140, Satyam Mall, near Mansi Circle, Vatrapur, Ahmedabad-15
Contact: +91-9427625601

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